Three Facts About the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan

Nancy Kennedy/shutterstock

Located in Montgomery, New York, the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan (CFOS) is a local community funder that has been operating since 1999. CFOS is made up of at least 363 funds and helps local philanthropists make a difference in their community.

To help nonprofits get to know CFOS a bit better, here are three key facts to keep in mind.

1. There are four competitive opportunities

A significant portion of CFOS’s $3 million in funding comes from funds that do not accept unsolicited grant applications. However, there are several opportunities that offer a competitive grant process. For example, CFOS allows local groups to apply to emergency funds, such as the Orange and Sullivan COVID-19 Response Fund that has provided food and prescription drug deliveries as well as other essentials for needy families and senior citizens during the pandemic.

CFOS also created a Make a Difference Fund, which supports children and families in distressed communities. Meanwhile, the Fund for Women and Children helps nonprofits elevate their programming to support more women and children. There’s also the Hudson Valley Animal Shelter Fund in Memory of Jean A. Rowe, which funds nonprofit animal welfare agencies in the Hudson Valley.

2. Assistance for individuals is available

Although many foundations shy away from supporting individuals beyond educational scholarships, CFOS has an entirely separate giving program for people to apply for individual assistance. The Doug Ackermann & Brenna Darling Memorial Fund and the Kathy McMichael Memorial Foundation both award grants to families facing catastrophic illnesses, and the Time Herald Record’s People for People Fund supports people who need temporary assistance.

3. Nonprofits should join Hudson Valley Gives

The Hudson Valley area of New York has a 24-hour online giving fundraiser that is typically held in May each year, called Hudson Valley Gives. It supports hundreds of nonprofits in the region. In a recent year, 133 charitable organizations received over $500,000 total through Hudson Valley Gives. To secure the money for these grants, CFOS accepts sponsorship donations between $500 and $5,000 and then offers special benefits to donors.

To learn more about this foundation and where its support comes from, check out this list of major CFOS donors, which includes individuals, couples, foundations and companies. You can also read IP’s full profile of the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan in the New York City and Tri-State Area funding guide.