How John and Kiendl Gordon Pursue Their Philanthropy in New York City

Lincoln Center Plaza. Photo: littlenySTOCK/shutterstock

After spending over a decade at Kidder, Peabody & Co. and joining Deltec Asset Management in 1988, John R. Gordon began working through his own philanthropic foundation alongside his wife, Kiendl. This foundation prioritizes nonprofit needs in New York City, but it does not have a website, which limits its transparency and accessibility for grantseekers.

Here’s what we know about the John R. & Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund and where to turn for additional information about this funder.

Three main focus areas

Since their foundation’s beginnings in 1988, the Gordons have largely focused on three interests: education and youth, the arts, and health. Education grants often support schools that John Gordon attended, such as Harvard College and Harvard Business School. But the foundation has also awarded grants to Saint David’s School, NYC Outward Bound School and the Boys Club of New York.

Aside from education and youth funding, the foundation regularly backs theater, dance and music organizations. Past grantees include the Parsons Dance Foundation, Lincoln Center Theater and Carl Schurz Park Conservancy. Health funding typically goes to disease-related organizations that have special significance to the family, such as the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Multigenerational family giving

In recent years, the John R. & Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund has given away around $1 million per year. Grants range widely in size between $400 and $300,000 each. Foundation giving tends to reflect the interests of Gordon family members on its board.

Note that the John R. & Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund is just one of the Gordon family’s philanthropic endeavors. John Gordon and his two brothers, Dan and Al, learned about philanthropy early in their childhood from their father, Wall Street veteran Albert H. Gordon. In the 1980s, the family patriarch arranged for each of his sons to have their own foundation to lead. While John’s foundation has focused on New York City, Dan Gordon has backed neighborhood projects in the Philadelphia area through his Drumcliff Foundation. Meanwhile, the Kathy and Al Gordon Fund gives mostly in New York City to human services groups and arts and culture organizations.

Applying for a grant

According to recent tax records, the John R. & Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund does not accept unsolicited funding requests and only supports pre-selected organizations. This is a New York City-focused funder that sticks to organizations it is already familiar with, and often ones with personal connections to the family.

Although the John R. & Kiendl Dauphinot Gordon Fund does not specify a clear way to get in touch, you can find the foundation’s contact information and other details here: